Saturday, December 02, 2006


Citizens of the United States of America:

We are living in a time of war. A war against terrorists. This is a new kind of war. And a new kind of a war requires a new kind of thinking.

The terrorists want to take away our freedom. To protect our freedom we need a new strategy. The democratically elected Government of the United States of America is the source of our freedom, our unity, and independence. If you trust your Government to defend your land, you must also trust your Government to defend your freedom.

It will be necessary in the coming days for you to give up some of your freedom to the Government, so that the Government can protect your freedom from terrorists.

From this moment until the war against terrorism is won, access to personal phone conversations, personal writing and personal computers may be required by the institutions of your Government.

If at any time you suspect that your phone conversations, web activities or email are being monitored, please do not be alarmed. We are doing this only to protect and preserve your freedom.

No avenue must be left unexplored, no stone unturned in the quest to maintain our freedom and democracy. Therefore it may also be necessary at some point for representatives of your Government to invite you in for questioning. Again, do not be alarmed by this. Remember this is not an ordinary war, and as a nation we need to be sure of all our citizens, and their allegiance to our country and its institutions.

The innocent have nothing to fear.

In the event that you should be required for questioning to preserve your freedom, please do not resist us. Do not oppose your questioners. You may be surprised to find that you hold information you do not even know you have. You may have information about a friend, an acquaintance, even a sibling, a parent, a lover or your spouse which seems unimportant to you, but which is vital to the preservation of our national freedom.

Remember that in a time of war it is necessary for your Government to have access not only to your conversations and your letters, but also to your thoughts and your body's cavities. Again, should this prove necessary, do not resist. The innocent have nothing to fear and your cooperation will ensure your own freedom, and safety.

Some of you will have questions about this. It is entirely natural to have questions. However, try to remember that this is a time of war and in a time of war different rules apply. Questioning your Government in peacetime is your civic duty. It is an act of freedom.

In a time of war, questioning your Government is not an act of freedom. It is support for the enemy. Those who question us are against us. Questioning your Government during a war against terror is a terrorist act.

If you suspect that someone you know is a terrorist, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can inform the police or the Federal law enforcement agencies. You can find us in the Yellow Pages. Often you can just pick up the phone and talk directly to one of us.

And if you have any further questions, why not come in and talk to us?

Arthur King. November 2, 2001